lady in red

9797, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

@ queen and massey

GQ speed

9753 GQ speed, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

go fast
in a suit.

dukes dust

9770, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

the remnants of a fire.
ghosts of cycles past.

here used to stand dukes on queen


one handed

9398 one handed adjust, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

the mid ride adjustment, dodging streetcar tracks and pylons..

it begins with the wheel

9546, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

the switch

its been fun keeping on with Toronto Bike Chic, however as summer vactions beckon. 'Xander and Dante our resident velotographers are now taking on the task of maintaining the website and posts on Flickr. There will be torontobikechic posts from time to time, but until then all new photo posts will be going to, http://www.416cyclestyle.com/

whats the 416?

stay tuned.

happy riding!
Chi' K*


Stargazer Cyclophelia

As the fun from chasing pigeons in the dog park with Mr Dia came to an end, our wanderings took us past the picnic tables and in to an alternate realm.

Stargazer, originally uploaded by Leanne Eisen.

Welcome to the land of Toronto artist Leanne Eisen, her miniatures transformed Trinity into a night sky.

A fellow velotographer who I've photographed in passing also calls the streets and bike paths of Toronto home.



be a mecks

perfect for playing with pylons.

this is bloor.

tres belle,

tres bmx


Trinity Tuesday

monday has come and gone
and tuesday mornings
bring us back

here are some park pics from the past.
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