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It's December 1st, and Toronto just set a record for its first snow-free November since the weather office started keeping records in 1937,one expert suggests this is no guarantee of a mild winter to come. Todays' December 1st dusting of snow foreshadows the unpacking of the snow shovel.

As I sit with Mr Dia eating our $2.99 breakfasts at the "Grenadier" we spy the noble dog cycler and notice that some of the regular 7 to 8 am comutters that cut across highpark this morning are trading in their autumn layers for MEC winter gear to fight off the wind chill.

This past summer of 416cyclestyle is rolling into a season of sexy boots,tights,scarves and gloves, merging with Torontos' bohemian fashion flair we anxiously welcome winter.

Bring on the snow...


  1. Across the lake in St Catharines, we've yet to see any trace of the white stuff!

    Tomorrow the temperature is suppose to go up to 9.
    Of course I have still seen fewer and fewer people on bikes, for whatever reason.

  2. I have been biking from Younge and Lawrence down to UofT daily every weekday since March 2009!

    This is great.

  3. @ Adrian, i'm glad to hear from a UofT student who takes the ride into class... that used to be my favorite part of the day when I was in school. Riding into the U of T campus brings back good memories.. good luck in your studies and your winter rides..

  4. Brigs,
    I tagged you for the "3 Best Kept Secrets" game by Tripbase.com. Please visit me at Folie a Deux for the game outline.

  5. I am looking forward to snow in December; otherwise things can be a bit too dreary with the lack of leaves and the grayness. I mean, I had to go out and buy a red coat just to create some contrast!


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