Our Christmas family Cycle Chic wish list

Hey Santa! pay close attention to what I/we are asking for. I've even included Pictures.
Since you know who's naughty and nice you already know another little one is on the way so Mrs. Bubba, Mr Dia and I will be needing some gear.

I'm looking to retire my trusty Trek kid mobile to craigslist and cross my fingers for the following items for me, Mr Dia and my current baby carrier wife.

1. 2 Batavus Personal delivery bicycles in grey, complete with mounts for diaper bags

2. (This is really hoping), A Nihola Cigar utility trike with matching Cuban Cigars.

3. The Bobike junior and mini for those fun family rides.

4. Basil Panniers in some funky colors.

5. Outlier jeans.

6. Brooks saddles with matching wine bottle carriers.

7. His, Her and Toddler Frye riding boots.

8. Sogreni Bicycle bells

9. Lululemon zip sweater jackets

10.iPhone 3Gs 32gb

11.World Peace.

Ho Ho Ho


  1. Haha! I'm with you on the bobikes and Batavus personal bike. I plan to rent one and put a bobike on it for my visit to Toronto in May! I've been to T.O. so many times, but have never gotten on a bike there. It'll be great that my first time will be with Dexter (baby).

  2. Oh yeah, and I'm with you on world peace too.

  3. How about adding 'A Membership to the Toronto Cyclists Union' to the list?


    The bike union is the first city wide, member-based cycling advocacy organisation in Toronto representing the needs and rights of cyclists, and working towards the addition of more and better bike lanes and infrastructure. Our work on behalf of TO cyclists is almost entirely funded through memberships, so if you ride a bike in Toronto and like the idea of someone working for you to improve conditions, please consider signing up.

    Happy Holidays and Safe Winter Cycling

  4. @yvonne.. I just got my membership card in the mail... i was just about to post about the holiday gift memberships...

    stay tuned!


  5. i like your 6th wish..i think that i'll add it to my own list ;)

  6. Nice photo mix! I think I'll make it my desktop background for motivation.

    Can I steal your wish list?? Mmmm.. new bicycle and iPhone.

  7. Frye makes toddler riding boots?
    Sogreni makes bells?
    I am getting quite an education from your list : )
    Hope you get it all!

    My Chrismannukah list involved photo equipment, a replacement laptop, fountain pens (I collect them), new boots, and a completely unnecessary but beautiful coat from J. Crew. Oh and world peace.


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