Toronto FC fan rides the Copenhagen Wheel

With Toronto's growing interest in fighting climate change, Mayor David Miller (the singing guy sporting the Toronto FC scarf) was in Copenhagen with over 100 mayors for the UN Conference on Climate Change. The new MIT bike with motorized support, a.k.a," the Copenhagen Wheel" was launched last week at the conference.

A conversation piece, to spark a global conversation about where to go next. As with Soccer and the current cycle infrastructure we still have a way to go. But at least Toronto is talking.

Bring on the Pan-Am games..


  1. Please stick to bicycles and photos and don't ruin your usually enjoyable blog by trying to curry favour with politicians.

    The only good thing that I can say about David Miller as Mayor is that he was probably better than John Tory. I am sad to say that I was a significant supporter of his in the early days.

    Otherwise he has been a disaster and shown no leadership. The only skill he has clearly demonstrated is that he shows up at every photo op and ribbon cutting possible.

    His tenure will go down in history as a disgrace and vying with Lastman for the worst mayor title in the last 50 years. .

  2. @ DanT Good old Mel Lastman.. he was a Bad Boy," nooooooooooobody!"

    thats all i remember from his campaign,

    i'm just starting to understand and follow the shift in politics here in Toronto, and with the upcoming changes and election i'm nervous to think about what it holds for our Bicycle Culture here. I'm hoping for a positive change.

    I appreciate you stopping by and leaving your input on Mayor Miller, its important to have honest feedback on the people that are paid to represent us. To bad he wasn't in a skirt and heels, but that would be another Blog altogether.

    Safe riding this winter, and stay warm.


  3. David Miller, where is your safety helmet?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Singing and wearing a newsboy cap - your mayor's pretty awesome!

  6. Oh just read the comments - well hopefully trends towards openness and transparency, due to the internet, will encourage authentic engagement, action and results.


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