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The rooftop of the Gladstone hotel is no stranger to me, as me and my brother who used to have the Loft view beside it used to gaze out over Queen st and watch the cyclists ride by. This was prior to the, "Condofication" of the Toronto Skyline.

Those were the days when rent was cheap(er) and the view was free.

Also with compliments of the Gladstone hotel was this issue of, "Dandyhorse."

Dandyhorse is one of my favorite Toronto publications as it captures the essence of Toronto's cyclists in a complete circle which includes articles on commuting, couriers social cycle culture, residents, retailers and of course "Cycle Chic". This mix helps to promote a positive advocacy of Toronto on Two wheels.

I plan on framing the wonderful, "Lovers Lane" centerfold by artist "Marlena Zuber"
Dandyhorse lovers lane

A great read, and great to collect.

Subscribe or pick up your copy soon.


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  1. cool design, allspanish bike magazines are not nice at all...


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