Biomega vs Coke

biomega and a coke, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

The subtle invasion of design that runs through the streets of Toronto have branched out from their Dutch and Swedish roots to roam our night streets. From my appreciation of the Biomega bicycle which hails from the city of my current muse at Copenhagen Cycle Chic to the Iconic contour Coke bottle designed by a Swede, Alexander Samuelson . I'm glad that there is no rivalry at this intersection.

Recent additions of sharrows to this stretch of road is encouraging for some cyclists. Others just enjoy the scenery.

The Crystal palace looms ahead...

6:30 pm @ Bloor and Avenue


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  2. Nice to find this picture of myself, thanks to Eric K from Curbside for the tip-off. I think I bought the first Biomega in Toronto some three and a half years ago, still going strong as you can see. That's my partner David behind me, not on a Biomega.

  3. @ Ralph, .. a pleasure to find that a rider that i have captured has found themself here, and i'm glad that your night ride was a safe one. Toronto streats at night are a pleasure and a new adventure with every turn, especially on this stretch of bloor. i adore your biomega and your sense of style and its a rare sight to see one on the streets of Toronto. I'm also glad that you and your partner have embraced the bicycle culture here.

    Happy riding and thank you for taking the time to stop by.



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