with the kids..

It's summer time and amidst summer renovations and weekend trips to the cottage I find myself daydreaming of taking an extended a break with "the kid."
Mr.Dia is not yet old enough for the 5+ stage of the Loire Valley of France, but the transition from a 3 yr old to 5 is only 1 summer away. It's time to set some travel goals.
My travel bug sister Jen got me turned on to Butterfield and Robinson, whos. "slow down and see the world" train of thought invokes the imagination of a 5 year old and imprints memories that will last a lifetime.

Their ,"By Bike" tailored trips for singles to families allow the urban cyclist to expand their global cycle style horizons.


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  1. My dream is to go on an active Butterfield and Robinson trip! I guess when the kids are older...


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