FEIYUE! ( not F you )

Its about time there was a merge of the cycle and shoe fetish.

The FEIYUE fixed gear – a new collaboration by the Sino-French sneaker brand This year, Feiyue launched in the UK with its collection of cool coloured plimsolls and sneakers; the brand’s heritage is all about an East-West fusion.

Born in China in the 1920s the brand was bought and revived by a French team in 2006. Feiyue takes its inspiration from urban culture, nostalgic vintage classics and the travels of its owners, a bunch of sneaker freakers and bike addicts. Feiyue has just announced its latest collaboration, this time with London based designer Carl Wellman; they have teamed up to create a limited edition Feiyue fixed gear bike.

The Feiyue team is passionate about the world urban cultures in general and by the cycling culture in particular. Their bike has been designed in line with the Feiyue aesthetic – simple and minimalist. Although the bikes are currently not for sale, you can pick up a pair of FEIYUE shoes in Toronto at:

DELPHIC, 706 Queen Street West or TNT, 92 Eglinton Ave. W., Toronto


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