Just Chill

IMG_1507 JUST CHILL, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

Just Chill. (Cause its -18)

She couldn't fit the helmet under the hedgehog hood.


Loving the Lavender

My brother used to live in a loft on top of the Beaver Cafe, which is a great place to chill and watch construction and the "Condofication" of queen west.

We still don't have much snow but the wind chill at -18 is also nothing to brag about.

The emergence of Classic Dutch bikes which are as common now as the Old English made bicycles blend harmoniously into this scene as she takes a breather at the Beaver.

Loving the Lavender...


Toronto FC fan rides the Copenhagen Wheel

With Toronto's growing interest in fighting climate change, Mayor David Miller (the singing guy sporting the Toronto FC scarf) was in Copenhagen with over 100 mayors for the UN Conference on Climate Change. The new MIT bike with motorized support, a.k.a," the Copenhagen Wheel" was launched last week at the conference.

A conversation piece, to spark a global conversation about where to go next. As with Soccer and the current cycle infrastructure we still have a way to go. But at least Toronto is talking.

Bring on the Pan-Am games..


Give the gift of Unity

IMG_1300 bike union, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

A little Tweet from Yvonne the momma bird over at bikeunion.to led me to write this post about a gift that I recently sent myself in the mail.

The bike union is the first city wide, member-based cycling advocacy organisation in Toronto representing the needs and rights of cyclists, and working towards the addition of more and better bike lanes and infrastructure.

Their work on behalf of T.O cyclists is almost entirely funded through memberships, so if you ride a bike, or knows someone who rides in Toronto and like the idea of others working for you to improve conditions, please consider signing up. I get my daily Toronto cycle culture updates by following them on twitter, Tweet Tweet!.

I have to say the amount of support i've recieved from Toronto readers and riders has been great, and since joining the Union I feel more connected to the differences and similarities that unite us as citizens and cyclists in Toronto.

To, "Give the gift of Unity" click here.

Happy Holidays and Safe Winter Cycling


Our Christmas family Cycle Chic wish list

Hey Santa! pay close attention to what I/we are asking for. I've even included Pictures.
Since you know who's naughty and nice you already know another little one is on the way so Mrs. Bubba, Mr Dia and I will be needing some gear.

I'm looking to retire my trusty Trek kid mobile to craigslist and cross my fingers for the following items for me, Mr Dia and my current baby carrier wife.

1. 2 Batavus Personal delivery bicycles in grey, complete with mounts for diaper bags

2. (This is really hoping), A Nihola Cigar utility trike with matching Cuban Cigars.

3. The Bobike junior and mini for those fun family rides.

4. Basil Panniers in some funky colors.

5. Outlier jeans.

6. Brooks saddles with matching wine bottle carriers.

7. His, Her and Toddler Frye riding boots.

8. Sogreni Bicycle bells

9. Lululemon zip sweater jackets

10.iPhone 3Gs 32gb

11.World Peace.

Ho Ho Ho



0998 your ad and a fish 2, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

Its December 2nd, and the Salmon run is long past, however street art is never in shortage in Toronto, and the cyclists don't seem to be dissapearing any time soon.

I love her bag, reminds me of a dream catcher.




dec 1st contrasts, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

It's December 1st, and Toronto just set a record for its first snow-free November since the weather office started keeping records in 1937,one expert suggests this is no guarantee of a mild winter to come. Todays' December 1st dusting of snow foreshadows the unpacking of the snow shovel.

As I sit with Mr Dia eating our $2.99 breakfasts at the "Grenadier" we spy the noble dog cycler and notice that some of the regular 7 to 8 am comutters that cut across highpark this morning are trading in their autumn layers for MEC winter gear to fight off the wind chill.

This past summer of 416cyclestyle is rolling into a season of sexy boots,tights,scarves and gloves, merging with Torontos' bohemian fashion flair we anxiously welcome winter.

Bring on the snow...


Toronto to Jamaica via Korea?

0218, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

Doing some last minute errands passing by Long and Mcquade to search for a new Takamine, going against the setting sun from Korea town the smell of Bulgogi and Kimchi merged with a mid day latte.

such a clash and marriage of cultures along this stretch of Bloor st.

In a trade off of Korean BBQ, for some "Jerk" I'm leaving for Jamaica @ 4:30 am.

Have a great week.. be back next friday.

If Jamaica has cyclists i'm off to find out.




dandyhorse basket, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

The rooftop of the Gladstone hotel is no stranger to me, as me and my brother who used to have the Loft view beside it used to gaze out over Queen st and watch the cyclists ride by. This was prior to the, "Condofication" of the Toronto Skyline.

Those were the days when rent was cheap(er) and the view was free.

Also with compliments of the Gladstone hotel was this issue of, "Dandyhorse."

Dandyhorse is one of my favorite Toronto publications as it captures the essence of Toronto's cyclists in a complete circle which includes articles on commuting, couriers social cycle culture, residents, retailers and of course "Cycle Chic". This mix helps to promote a positive advocacy of Toronto on Two wheels.

I plan on framing the wonderful, "Lovers Lane" centerfold by artist "Marlena Zuber"
Dandyhorse lovers lane

A great read, and great to collect.

Subscribe or pick up your copy soon.




6057 stop and crop, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

The weekend slowdown hits the city.
We trade in construction for uncrowded lanes.
This decline in suburban traffic creates space.
Leaving the locals to enjoy their afternoon sun soaked streets.

Taking the time to pause and chat to their favorite pedestrians.



Biomega vs Coke

biomega and a coke, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

The subtle invasion of design that runs through the streets of Toronto have branched out from their Dutch and Swedish roots to roam our night streets. From my appreciation of the Biomega bicycle which hails from the city of my current muse at Copenhagen Cycle Chic to the Iconic contour Coke bottle designed by a Swede, Alexander Samuelson . I'm glad that there is no rivalry at this intersection.

Recent additions of sharrows to this stretch of road is encouraging for some cyclists. Others just enjoy the scenery.

The Crystal palace looms ahead...

6:30 pm @ Bloor and Avenue



The silent relationship between the cyclist and the TTC streetcar.

They share a common bond with the streets, yet can lead to a path of potential disaster if they ever cross each other in the wrong way.

A simbiotic "riding with the wolves" in an urban setting.

The better to get from A to B with my dear.




5964 that way, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

at first glance you'd never guess she rode through the hail storm..



Voted the best bike store in Toronto, come out for some Beer, Bikes and Burlesque, and if you have $24 to spare please join the Toronto Cyclist Union, and help to give a voice to two wheels.




5438 alley cat, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

A confident ride,
with shoulder bag secured.
cruising past the alleys of Queen West.



5174 IN A PACK OF WOLVES, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

the daily fight to hail a cab vs fighting not to get hit by one.

this cruiser is on point.

right to the tips of her shoes.


Toronto Fashion Week

5041 TFW vintage, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

TFW kicks of the spring summer collections at the new LG venue which is an old Chrysler dealership.

loving the purple suede and polkadots.

what a way to start the show.


(@ king and shaw)



4148 queen and ossington, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

the leaves are changing colors,
we trade tank tops for trench coats
this autumn wind.

at my back.


Toronto to Taiwan

midnightriding, originally uploaded by Subcrew Fai or Fhaione.

from my Fellow Flickr Fixie Fhaione in Taiwan comes this awsome urban night rider. His crew of boys and girls run the midnight streets..



4099 BMX VIA TTC, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

a rail slide hamstring pull , put me on the ttc yesterday.

Heres a couple of cool cats waiting for the light change.




3581, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

catching the last rays of summer and storing them in a yellow box.

college st.



trip #1, originally uploaded by votreceinture.

from a favorite find of Flickr' ,"votreceinture" comes a wonderful capture of a capture of some sorts... in a cirque du soliel meets lobster trap sort of way...



3200 night, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

everyday is a Saturday night,
but I can't wait till Sunday morning.



2180 buttons, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

I'm telling you loosen up my buttons baby
But you keep fronting
Saying what you going do to me
But I ain't seen nothing


JAMESON, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

Thursday escapes from parkdale.

head to the lake

jameson and lakeshore/gardiner


Chictopia & Topshop Bicycle Club

So Topshop teamed up with Chictopia for their win a free bike competition... I've been following for a while, but never signed up.

Too bad its only for the USA.
Topshop Toronto?...heres hoping.

For more pics of the Topshop bike club visit chictopia.com

Photo of Chictopian," Voomda"

by R.C Woolley



2473 night, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

bloor and brunswick @ 11 pm

CLICK HERE to view the NIGHT RIDERS slideshow


Somebody call 911, I'M ON FIRE!

She get it pop it lock it drop it,
That birthday cake,
Got a candle, need to blow that crazy flame away
Now take my red, black card and my jewellery
Shawty is cool like the fire,
Cool like fire

Somebody call 911


from the Flickr pocket of a Burlap Jacket, comes a picture of my favorite intersection where I once got hit by a mercedes and survived to tell the tale.


Friday 'sins

2276 mock a sin, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

moccasins! and this lumberjack chic outfit.

Happy Friday and Caribana weekend!



Change your life ride a Bike

...From my Flickr friends Meligrosa ( bikes and the city) and Busbozo cycle mom extraordinaire, I thankfully have been awarded photo of the week in their amazing Blog, " Change your life, Ride a Bike"

These two stylish San Fransiscans are cornerstones in the amazing bike culture and show how easy it is to change your life by riding a bicycle.

Happy Friday, and Happy riding!


The gates of Trinity

1674 at the gates, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

Trinity Traffic at 8am

yes people actually ride to work.


going in circles

1383 going in circles, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.
its been 25 days of the civic workers strike
and it seems that things are going 'round in circles

Bloor St. 8:30 am


with the kids..

It's summer time and amidst summer renovations and weekend trips to the cottage I find myself daydreaming of taking an extended a break with "the kid."
Mr.Dia is not yet old enough for the 5+ stage of the Loire Valley of France, but the transition from a 3 yr old to 5 is only 1 summer away. It's time to set some travel goals.
My travel bug sister Jen got me turned on to Butterfield and Robinson, whos. "slow down and see the world" train of thought invokes the imagination of a 5 year old and imprints memories that will last a lifetime.

Their ,"By Bike" tailored trips for singles to families allow the urban cyclist to expand their global cycle style horizons.


Sock it to me!

Cycling Socks, originally uploaded by Georgie_grrl.

from my favorite flickr bicycle bell photographer Georgie Grrl comes a photo without any visible bicycle bells.

wonderful cycle socks!

be sure to check out her "Does this ring a bell" set on Flickr.



little red riding heels

little red riding heels, originally uploaded by Xander N'Dante.

what lovely heels you have...

the better to ride by the people stuck in traffic with my dear.

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